The power of an idea becomes history

When a passion lasts for over 40 years, it becomes history. ILVER was foundend in 1965 and, thanks to its strong love for the sea, today is one of the most famous shipyards of the world. ILVER boats stand for quality, elegance and reliability.

The history of ILVER begins in the 60’s in Lissone, near Monza: in over 40 years the company rose and went up, but it keeps its tradition for handmade products and attention to every detail.
ILVER always asks its craftsmen the same care that you generally find in a tailor shop: tailor-made and work-of-art products.

ILVER production

What always differentiates ILVER is a set of special and unique finishes: careful study of fairing, exclusive use of hull production system with a sandwich structure of balsa wood and hand lay fiberglass and use of top quality materials, studied in detail and built entirely on site.
The fame and acceptance obtained from ’60s until today speak for themselves: today ILVER boats mean charm and perfection, recognizable during the time.
A unique style: the ILVER style.